Belgrade Law Conference is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit association of citizens.


Future legal professionals, who rarely encounter practice during their studies, are insufficiently acquainted with the professional challenges that lie ahead.

Belgrade Law Conference is here to help them decide in which direction they want their career to develop.

The Belgrade Law Conference was launched with the idea of introducing law students and law graduates to various legal professions that they can practice. This initiative has been translated into the “BEKOP annual program” which includes an annual conference but also programs that provide participants with specific knowledge through workshops, lectures, seminars. In addition to the annual program, BEKOP strives to participate in national and international projects aimed at educating young people about various legal activities and their rights, developing the system of non-formal education, improving the employment of young legal professionals and improving the judiciary.

During its work, the Belgrade Law Conference was recognized as a stable partner of international and domestic institutions such as the Ministry of Justice, Judicial Academy, Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade, City of Belgrade, Belgrade Bar Association, Chamber of Notaries, Serbian Chamber of Executors, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and many others.


Our mission is to combine abstract theoretical knowledge and real experience from practice, in order to develop young professionals who will soon join the business world.

We want to establish a system of intergenerational communication in order to improve students’ knowledge and bring future legal professionals closer to future career choices.


Our vision is a world in which all law graduates know what they will do after college and in which they are able to do that job from day one, in the best possible way.

The Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade enrolls over 1000 students every year and several hundred graduate, if we add add other state faculties in other cities as well as private faculties we get a large number of law students and law graduates. The BEKOP program is there to facilitate their transition from the student to the business world.


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The Belgrade Law Conference is committed to transparency in the work of all non-governmental organizations. This implies financial transparency but also publicity of work, equal opportunities for all to progress within the organization and open doors to all stakeholders.

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