Why do we think that intellectual property law is important?

Due to the growing importance of intellectual property as well as the need to protect it, there is a growing need for education of law students and young lawyers in this field of law. Currently, at the basic studies of the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, intellectual property law is studied only within one subject, the situation is often worse at other faculties. This leads to the situation that certain legal institutes and regulations important for certain legally regulated areas remain unexplained to students and young lawyers.

Considering that in the past 10 years there has been great progress in terms of intellectual property protection and significant changes that the emergence of digital technologies has brought to the world of intellectual property, young lawyers and law students need additional education to acquire practical competencies to deal with this area. This is especially true given the impact that intellectual property has on the GDP of the Republic of Serbia as well as the impact it will potentially have.

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The Belgrade Law Conference has started dealing with intellectual property law in 2018. on the initiative of the vice president of the organization, Nevena Jovanović.

We developed and incorporated the idea of intellectual property rights into our annual program. We presented this idea to the director and representatives of the Intellectual Property Office who meet our needs and with whom we started organizing conferences on intellectual property. In addition to the Intellectual Property Office, we established cooperation with eminent experts such as Professor Slobodan Markovic, Mr. Miroslav Miletic, advisor to the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, law firms and business representatives who have gone through the patent registration process.

When we first announced the conference, we did not know whether all 50 places would be filled, until then we did not see that conferences in this area were organized, and those that were organized had registration fees of over 20,000 RSD. During the first day of the conference promotion, we filled 120 seats and with the good will of the Intellectual Property Office and other lecturers, we organized another conference the next day. We are proud that since then we have often seen conferences that are much more affordable and that play an important role in promoting this branch of law. Intellectual property law plays an important role in the entire BEKOP program and it is a topic that we will continue to deal with actively and seriously.


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