Mediation is a procedure of peaceful out-of-court settlement of a disputed relationship in which the parties voluntarily try to resolve the disputed relationship through negotiations with the help of one or more mediators who, as a third neutral and impartial person, assist in negotiations aimed at reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. In relation to court proceedings, mediation is a more flexible, faster and cheaper procedure.

Mediation can be applied at any stage of resolving a dispute in property relations of individuals and legal entities, trade, administrative disputes, environmental disputes, consumer disputes, as well as all other disputes, in which mediation corresponds to the nature of the disputed relationship. and can help resolve them. The parties may agree to mediation, both before initiating court proceedings and after initiating court proceedings, but only when both parties agree to try to resolve the dispute amicably, because the mediation procedure is based on the principles of voluntariness, confidentiality and urgency.



The Belgrade Law Conference, in cooperation with the association “Posrednici u Resavanju Sporova”, organized the first International Seminar on Mediation on the occasion of the European Day of Justice 2019. Since then, this event, which brings together mediators from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Northern Macedonia, has occupied a special place in the BEKOP program.

So far, representatives of institutions and professional associations of mediators from the Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia and Croatia have participated in the seminars. We had an honor of hosting Blažo Nedić, founder of Nacionalno udruženje medijatora Srbije, Suzana Fugalj, president of the Klub mladih izmiritelja Hrvatske udruge za mirenje, Orleanka Nikodinović, president of the Udruženje medijatora Bosne i Hercegovine, Nebojiša Đurić, mediator and judge Drugi osnovni sud u Beogradu, Zoran Vučev, mediator i licenced trainer from North Macedonia, Gorazd Đurovic, president of Posrednici u rešavanju sporova, Stipe Šola, president of Udruga medijatora Jugoistočne Evrope, Vesna Gojković, Zaštitnik građana GO Voždovac, Selimović Muharem, mediator from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jelena Stojković Sokolović, president of the Board of Directors Udruženja ombudsmana Srbije, Srđan Šimac, president of Hrvatska udruga za mirenje and Mladen Vukmir, lawyer and mediator.


On the occasion of winning the Special Award at the International Chamber of Commerce Mediation Competition of our colleagues from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, the Belgrade Conference of Lawyers organized a lecture entitled Youth in Mediation. The focus of the lecture was on the role that young people have in mediation, skills important in mediation, practical aspects of mediation and presentation of the mediation process.

We would like to thank Milena Djordjevic, Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, Blazo Nedic, lawyer and mediator, and congratulate our colleagues Nina Mitrovic, Sara Cojic, Mila Pejic and Aleksa Stojanovic for winning the Special Award and the extremely successful lecture ”Youth in Mediation” and presentation of the mediation procedure.